DMV-ÖMG Annual Meeting 2021, Section "Algebra, algebraic geometry and number theory"

The DMV and the ÖMG jointly organize a meeting every four years as part of the DMV's annual and the ÖMG's biannual series of meetings. In 2021 this meeting is organized by colleagues from the University of Passau, Germany, and is scheduled for 27.9.-1.10.2021. Because of Covid-19 the organizers have decided to move the meeting to an online meeting (using Zoom for the talks). The section "Algebra, algebraic geometry and number theory" within this event is jointly organized by Clemens Fuchs (Salzburg) and Jörn Steuding (Würzburg). In case you have questions, please send an email to one of the section organizers (e.g. to clemens.fuchs AT

For general information about the meeting (e.g. plenary speakers, minisymposia, schedule) see: URL.
The conference fee is just 30 EUR; registration can be done here: URL.
TimeMonday, September 27Tuesday, September 28Wednesday, September 29
Morning session
10:30-11:00Erhard AichingerYann Bugeaud
11:00-11:30Joachim KönigHeiko Knospe
11:30-12:00Ulrich DerenthalTal Horesh
12:00-12:30Daniel SmertnigSumaia Saad Eddin
Keynote session
15:00-16:00Jack ThorneKarin BaurLuca De Feo
Afternoon session
16:30-17:00Volker ZieglerAde Irma SuriajayaRainer Dietmann
17:00-17:30Friedrich PillichshammerIngrid VukusicFlorian Wilsch
17:30-18:00Leonhard SummererThomas LachmannBernardo Rossi
18:00-18:30Tobias HilgartTanja Isabelle Schindler
Day-by-day program (including title):
Monday, September 27:
Keynote session:
15:00-16:00: J. Thorne (Cambridge): Equidistribution in number theory, the Ramanujan conjecture, and symmetric power functoriality
Afternoon session:
16:30-17:00: V. Ziegler (Salzburg): Sums of Fibonacci numbers that are perfect powers
17:00-17:30: F. Pillichshammer (Linz): L_2 star, extreme and periodic discrepency
17:30-18:00: L. Summerer (Vienna): Parametric geometry of numbers and Diophantine approximation
18:00-18:30: T. Hilgart (Salzburg): On split families of cubic Thue equations parametrized by linear recurrences
Tuesday, September 28:
Morning session:
10:30-11:00: E. Aichinger (Linz): Polynomials whose values are determined by other polynomials
11:00-11:30: J. König (Cheongju): On varieties parameterizing Galois extensions of number fields
11:30-12:00: U. Derenthal (Hannover): Integral points on del Pezzo surfaces
12:00-12:30: D. Smertnig (Graz): Noncommutative rational Polya series
Keynote session:
15:00-16:00: K. Baur (Graz/Leeds): Surface combinatorics and algebraic cluster structures
Afternoon session:
16:30-17:00: A.I. Suriajaya (Fukuoka): The number of Goldbach representations and pair correlation of zeros of the Riemann zeta function
17:00-17:30: I. Vukusic (Salzburg): Consecutive tuples of multiplicatively dependent integers
17:30-18:00: T. Lachmann (Linz): On the area of empty axis-parallel boxes admidst 2-dimensional lattice points
18:00-18:30: T.I. Schindler (Pisa): Regularity properties of k-Brjuno and Wilton functions
Wednesday, September 29:
Morning session:
10:30-11:00: Y. Bugeaud (Strasbourg): Combinatorial structure of Sturmian words and continued fraction expansions of Sturmian numbers
11:00-11:30: H. Knospe (Köln): Measures and series expansions of p-adic L-functions for Dirichlet characters
11:30-12:00: T. Horesh (Klosterneuburg): p-adic directions of primitive vectors
12:00-12:30: S.S. Eddin (Linz): Recent results on Laurent-Stieltjes constants
Keynote session:
15:00-16:00: L. De Feo (Rüschlikon): Isogeny based cryptography, the new frontier of number theoretic cryptography
Afternoon session:
16:30-17:00: R. Dietmann (London): Longer gaps between values of binary quadratic forms
17:00-17:30: F. Wilsch (Klosterneuburg): Equidistribution and freeness on Grassmanians
17:30-18:00: B. Rossi (Linz): Solution sets of systems of equations in universal algebras

Session organizers and chairs:
Clemens Fuchs (Salzburg)
Jörn Steuding (Würzburg)

Impressum    28.09.2021